Mossi Epil brand

In 2020 we celebrated 25 years of a professional life marked by many (personal) sacrifices, hard struggles and the many challenges that any company faces. In 2006 we registered the brand Mossi Epil and created a visual identity that was in line with what we started out as: a company dedicated to providing epilation products based on royal jelly and honey.

Honeycombs and bees are two of the visual elements (still) present in our current logo, but the evolution of the brand and the development of facial, body, manicure and pedicure cosmetic lines, required the perception of Mossi Epil to have another format in order to have another reach. When we look at the visual elements of a brand we have to immediately understand what it transmits and for some time we felt we needed to create a visual change.

The rebranding happened after many experiences and discussions until we converged on two final options that were voted on together with the whole team of our company. Everyone voted and everyone gave their opinion (only this time Krystal, Foxy and Woolfy didn't participate). The end is to everyone's liking and satisfaction. Let's hope it is also yours.


2006 - First registration of the Mossi Epil logo

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2014 - Rebranding of the Mossi Epil logo

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2021- Rebranding of the Mossi Epil logo

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