Suitable for wax equipment with an internal diameter of the melter bowl of 11 - 12cm and a capacity of 800 grs. A professional may have an equipment and have several vats. For example, one with depilatory wax, another with paraffin and yet another with parafango, according to the services he provides. This way, the professional doesn't need to acquire 3 different equipments, occupying less space in the cabinet and saving in your investment. We recommend, when using the vat, to apply the Protector P/Wax melter 9,9cm, which contains 100un in its package. Place the protective disc under the tub and slide it upwards until it touches the edge of the aluminium tub. Then place it in the cavity of the equipment. This will save time when cleaning the equipment and make the melter less dirty. Mossi Epil.

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