NAIL POLISH GEL UV 00 060 - 013 15 ml

Mossi UV Gel nail Polish is of high quality and has a durability of 4 to 5 weeks. As a security for professionals the product is registered in INFARMED. An exclusive product for professionals in the industry that guarantees on the nails, manicure or pedicure services a natural and stunning result. Each bottle of gel is 15 ml. After preparing the nails, the nail polish technique starts with the application of a suitable thin or medium base coat, followed by the colour chosen by the customer and finally a thin glossy or matt top coat is applied. The colour on the lid of the nail polish bottle matches the actual colour applied to the nail! An extremely useful feature in the busy day-to-day life of the professional, making it easier for you to select the colour you want - whether it's on a display, on the desk or even in a drawer. The desired colour is also more readily identified by customers (especially those who are more indecisive), since all that is needed is to visualise the colour on the bottle top. Mossi Epil

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