Infrared lamp, aluminium structure. With metal foot. Contains protective wire support and lamp. With controller, which has regulation of light intensity. The infrared light bulb is widely used in the field of physiotherapy because it can penetrate human skin tissues with a thermal effect, increasing their temperature. Its action promotes blood circulation, increases metabolism, regeneration of tissue cells, reduces chronic inflammation, increases the phagocytic function of cells, eliminates swelling, promotes the dissipation of inflammation, twists, contusions and the dissipation of bruises, promoting the softening of scars and reducing scar contracture. As infrared light has anti-inflammatory action it is also commonly used in beauty institutes in cellulite treatments. It will leave the skin more even and less creased as is the case with clients who have edematous cellulite. Infrared light in the case of cellulite treatment is used before any other mechanical or manual treatment, for a period of time of 10 to 15 minutes per area. Refer to the instruction manual on "+info". Mossi Epil.

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