How to become a representative

Benefits & Conditions

To become a Mossi representative


  • The representative will have access to export prices;
  • No purchase quantities are required;
  • The representative will have access to a brand with more than 700 references;
  • Marca com Director Técnico que regula todos os procedimentos para aprovação dos produtos;
  • All Mossi cosmetic products are registered with INFARMED, DGS, DGAV, CIAV and ECHA;
  • We guarantee technical assistance on appliances;
  • We ensure repairs and instrument sharpening;
  • Selection of factories and laboratories for product development, previously carried out by management.

Mandatory Conditions & Infrastructure

  • Mossi products can not, at any time, be marketed directly to the final consumer;
  • The Representative must have a shop open to the public;
  • The shop must have a product section, separate and divided from the rest, and to which only beauty professionals will have access;
  • All representatives will have free training provided by Mossi management;
  • No Mossi product can be subject to change in labeling. The original labeling is the one that should appear and can not, under any circumstances, be replaced;
  • Mossi representatives will have access to the Mossi Academy, a continuing education academy.