PROVAC equipment can compete with any other vacuum drill equipment on the market. Very effective for removing gel, building gel or jelly. The manufacturer of PROVAC equipment is a company that produces machines for the hospital, dental, podiatry, pedicure and manicure industry. It contains a brushless motor, which means that the motor does not have brushes and therefore does not break down as easily and makes less noise. This equipment outputs 48dB (decibels) at its maximum speed (40000 rpm). This sound emission is very low compared to many equipment on the international market. The suction is made in the area around the tip of the reel (hand grip) being integrated in the handle / reel. The equipment has a good suction that will direct the dust inside the reel, passing the inside of the handle to the drawer where there is the filter (suction bag). The LED light is placed on the end of the reel (hand grip) and when switched on, it projects light into the work area. The LED light is powerful, which will facilitate better visibility in the work area. Professionals have the option of working with the light on or off. There are two light functionalities: When you press the digital button once the light will be permanently on. If you press it twice, the blue indicator light will flash, in this mode the light will only come on when the motor starts its working rotation. ATTENTION: If the LED light breaks down, there is no replacement light, the coil must be replaced. Mossi Epil.

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