WAXING PAPER ROLL WHITE 90gr 7cm x 100mts

The extra smooth paper is natural pulp paper. For this reason, unlike other types of depilatory paper, this extra smooth paper has the same texture and roughness on both sides of the paper. This feature is very beneficial for the practitioner who provides epilation services, because no matter which side he uses, the adhesion between the wax and the paper will be the same. Another advantage of natural pulp paper is that it can be used on skin that tends to be sensitive to synthetic materials, as is the case with most depilatory papers on the market. The extra smooth paper is compatible with any semi cold wax (from refills or cans), whether fine, medium or thick. We recommend this roll of extra smooth depilatory paper to reduce the likelihood of breaking the hair and decrease the pain when pulling the wax from the skin. The epilation paper should be cut between 18 to 20 cm. Mossi Epil.

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