Glasses for OD>7 (740-1100nm) Alexandrite, Diode and YAG, IPL, SHR LASERS (with powers above 740nm). It has the following advantages: 1 - European Union certification. 2 - Proof of quality and resistance tests. 3 - PVC frame is softer, more malleable, more comfortable and more resistant in case of fall. Rigid frames are less comfortable and break more easily if they fall. 4 - Ergonomic format, in the zone of backrest to the eyebrows or forehead, facilitates the adjustment on the face and creates less pressure in the centre of the forehead, between the eyebrows. 5 - Ergonomic shape means there is no light passing between the skin and the glasses frame because they fit better against the face. 6 - The stems of the glasses, being of softer PVC, don't cause so much discomfort behind the ear. 7- Support around the nose contour more comfortable and it adjusts easier to several face physiognomies, especially on the nose. 8 - Transparency of 40%, which is ideal, because many glasses have a very high transparency, offering less eye protection and causing more fatigue in the eyes. Mossi Epil.

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